About Us

Green Roots Landscaping Inc. is a boutique outdoor design and build company that provides complete project management services in the Ottawa area.

Established in early 2010 by David Hiel and Ryan Crompton, Green Roots Landscaping offers the discerning client with personalized, professional, and high end design. The company prides itself in its competitive edge and proven ability to create new visions and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Commitment to Quality Service

At Green Roots Landscaping, our commitment is to provide high quality service ensuring that each client’s investment is protected and can be enjoyed for years to come. From the initial meeting through the design process and building phase our focus is on responding to the needs of our clients, making certain that the project is a positive experience.


A fully-integrated design and build company, Green Roots Landscaping provides professional planning and building solutions to ensure consistency and continuity in quality and service, from start to finish.

After consulting with our clients, we create custome designs to suit specific needs, desires and aesthetics. Our consultation process allows us to engage the client, provide expertise, and integrate their landscaping objectives to suit the space. From there, a design is created to provide a visual outline of the desired landscape project.

At Green Roots Landscaping, we take pride in our knowledge of products and elements of design. Our two horticultural specialists are well-versed in the tasteful integration of softscape plant materials, creating a harmonious balance with the hardscaping elements of wood, stone, and brick.


We are committed to providing highly professional and courteous service. Building and maintaining a comfortable and  trusting relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance to us. By managing all aspects of the project ourselves, we maintain our level of service without compromise, and guarantee that each project will be as successful as the last.